What We Talk About When We Talk About Trump

When we speak of presidential candidates
that are lying racist fascist fat fucks,
we compare them to the worst creatures from our imagination
like, say, a monster made of shit
bound together by the tears of the evicted
and the anal blood of the oppressed.

When we refer to real estate moguls,
we think of predatory bigots
who redline and deceive their way into destroying neighborhoods,
finding strategies to demolish what was
with a promise of something better,
something that never happens to arrive.

When we imagine fat white men,
men with inheritances,
men from West Point,
men who have married again and again,
younger and younger,
men who have repeatedly made mention of the sexually evocative nature of their children,
men who bully
men who attack
men who are awfully defensive
and clearly exaggerative of their achievements,
when we imagine these men,
we rarely think kind thoughts
– unless we resemble them.

When we discuss comb-overs,
we invariably think “loser.”

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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