Everything In My Heart

The neediness?
It has to stop.
The words you say
the way you behave
your every action suggests
that you want my everything:
my heart, soul, mind
my time, my space, my property
my attention, my poetry and dance steps.
You claim to want it all.

You don’t want my all.
You can’t imagine
how very trying
my captured attention could be.
You could not possibly envision
what garbage is waiting for you
in my thoughts
or how toxic my heart has become.
To plumb it’s depths
would spell your perfect doom.

Were you to try to take my everything
it would drown you immediately.
It would crush you
my expectations
and you are
trust me
better off without.

Please consider
accepting what I’ve offered.
The love I have available
is a great deal indeed
and still probably more
than you are able to swallow.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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