Everybody Dance

The DJ does not get his way.
He entreats.
He enjoins.
He embodies entreaties to elevate the mood
getting the music pumped
getting everyone on the floor
but no one is on the floor.
No one is dancing.
The room is dead.

He puts on the hits
the deep cuts
the secret songs only he knows
the ones that pump up the crowd
if the crowd is there
to be pumped.
No luck.
No dice.
No good deed unpunished.

Maybe it’s the promoter’s fault
or Security’s
or maybe polio is making a comeback
– just not in Poland.
Maybe the few people here
all came from a funeral.
Maybe there is somebody else
somewhere to blame
for this atrocity of an evening
but he doesn’t know that.

What he does know
is that he is the DJ
here at the club
which is dead
as he tries desperately
to get everybody to dance.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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