Easily Fixed

Pretty sure you didn’t mean to call.
Pretty sure it was a butt dial.
Pretty sure you’ve got better things to do
than reach out to me
after all this time
if only to say hello
see how I’m doing
take my temperature.
Pretty sure that by now
you know better.

I’m pretty sure
your showing up suddenly
on my phone like that
was some kind of accident
like how you entered my life
and how you left it.
Pretty sure
Everything about you and me
was inadvertent
slipshod, unnecessary
and easily fixed.
I am entirely sure
that you and I were fixed
about six months ago
and nothing
about your tiny attempt just now
to ring me up
could change that.

I’m pretty sure
that we were
and continue go be
But if you call me again
and leave a message?
I’m pretty certain
I’ll call you back.

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