I didn’t take notes.
I interviewed my dad
seeking answers
trying to get beneath the history
I’d heard only through anecdotes
so I asked the questions
and he answered as well as he could
for while his short term had gone to shit
his long term seemed all right.

But I took no notes
and now that he’s gone
it is possible that my memory
is as shot as his
since the facts are evasive
pouring out my porous skull.

While I still have space for the contents of
Amazing Spider-Man # 122
I’m not sure what bone
my father broke in Israel
or how he lost his virginity.
We discussed these things
I thought
but now he’s gone
and so perhaps is his history.

I should have taken notes.
I should have listened better.
I should have done more
to keep him alive
and now
in these grave times
all that’s left
is digging down
sifting for answers
about his bones.

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