The Last Days of Napster

Do you remember
in the last days of Napster
when we first started talking
you sent me a song?
It was by one of those post-2 Tone acts:
General Public or Fine Young Cannibals
and I couldn’t play it at first
until I came over
and you showed me how to open an MP3
and we played it
and we danced together
and maybe touched just a little
and it was pretty cool.

I’ve been thinking about that song
even though I can’t remember the artist
or the lyrics
or the melody or rhythm.
I just feel it in me
you know?

And all the details of those days
are kind of murky now
– not that I was drinking that much –
but it’s just hard to hold on
to the specifics
when it all felt like
some glorious high school summer.

If you could tell me
what that song is
and maybe send it to me
and maybe show me
how to play it again
I’d really appreciate it.

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