Strange Girls and Brave Boys

When you get where you’re going
don’t let them think you know too much.
Don’t use that snide tone
I hear from you
that you think I don’t hear.
I hear it quite well
thank you very much.
I simply don’t respond to it
in order to keep the peace.

Don’t let anyone think
you think you’re funny
or special
or handsome
or deserving.
Do not let them think
you need to be taken down,
for given the chance
that is certainly
the absolute first thing they will do.

Don’t spend too much money
or show that you have money
and be very careful when talking to strangers
especially strange girls
who may tempt you
into doing strange and stupid things.
Don’t be stupid
on your way
to where you’re going.
Don’t act brave.
There is no reason to be brave.
Brave boys become dead boys.

When you get where you’re going
please write me
and tell me how you like it.
Let me know
if you’re ever coming back.

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