One Thousand Jennifers

I wrote this for Jennifer.
Not her.
A different one
that I have known a little longer
and thought about
for quite a while: you.
Even you, Jennifer, were not the first.
I have met dozens of Jennifers
– hundreds –
and loved quite a few of them.
You are the one
who remains with me

it feels like God
has placed infinite alternate Jennifers before me
distracting me from your charms.
Yours is a popular name
for a very good reason
and I have enjoyed the company
of any number of your number.
LIke Jacob’s Leah
before Rachel
I feel undeterred.

I have met iterations
combinations, permutations…
all variations of you
different in so many regards
but so many
still so very appealing.
I would forsake all others
for a chance at our life.
I would fuck one thousand Jennifers
to get to you.

Perhaps someday
you’ll give me a chance
to prove it.

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