Bad Jasmine

Something’s gone wrong.
There is an element in the air
that was previously not there.
I can’t identify what’s different
but we’re toxic now.
We’ve lost it.
Tension surrounds us
where before there was jasmine and technicolor.

If there was a way
to go back
before it happened
whatever it may have been
and rectify the situation…
I would like to find that way.
But how do you cork the spilled wine?
The barn door has left the station.
How can I fix the mistake
without knowing what it was?

It is like when some ingredient
in a recipe
had already spoilt
but was already added anyway.
When the meal tastes like shit
how do you uncover which specific part
fucked the flavor?
It is impossible to know.

Perhaps it was when you started your new job
or how you didn’t have time
to make me lunches
or that you stopped defending me
against your family.
Maybe it was when
you found out about me
and your step-mom.
Or your grand-niece?
Or your ferrets?
I don’t know.

I just know that we haven’t been right
in some time
and I wish
we could somehow clear the air
and you could get back
to packing Twinkies in my bag.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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