Bad Justice

It is infuriating, sometimes
how police officers
– allegedly peace officers –
waste their jackbooted time
bothering the law-abiding
rather than going after actual criminals.
The number of times
I’ve been harassed
just because of my white power tattoos
and hateful rhetoric
is enough to drive a good man
right on down to Bad Town.

When I’m behind the wheel,
I may occasionally speed
but generally,
I follow the rules of the road.
Not the piddling pedestrians all around, though.
Standing in the middle of the road
flagrantly jaywalking
crossing the street when I need to make a right turn…
these idiots infuriate – incessantly!

if I may goose the gas a bit
when I see them
or possibly aim at the passers-by
when they come into view
or honk constantly
while grabbing my tire iron,
who truly can blame me?

Well, the cops can blame me,
that’s for sure.
Time and time again
I’ve been threatened with doing time
just because I’m showing these delinquent
the rule of law.
Who is the fuzz to tell ME what to do?
Keep the serfs in line,
that’s what I say!

While Officers Downs and Straczinski
are occupying themselves
with my enthusiastic vigilantism
real criminals are crossing the street
– against the light.
It’s a travesty.

It’s injustice
– though technically,
still in the name of justice.
It’s a crime against nature
if not actually the state.
Something ought to be done.
Why can’t they legislate
against pigs enforcing the laws?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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