Silent Fury

I’ve been struggling
for days
to write up an explanation
as to why I’m not talking to you
even though I’ve been walking the walk
for some years now.

On certain days, though
I’m reminded of the good times
and I regret you being out of my life.
It’s in moments like those
when I need to chronicle
my abiding rage
and recall just why
I must keep my distance.

I speak about you rarely
and try to never unearth our history
for others, lest I break down
and they see my villainous rage.
I keep mum
so it’s hard sometimes to remember
why I maintain this two-state solution
and will not enter Louisiana again.

Because I don’t often
revisit the evil we once did
it is hard
when I try to say
why we must never speak.
It is a struggle to state
“You are a snake,
and your bite
however unintentional
remains deadly”
but the words remain true.
Metaphorical, perhaps, but still true.

Anyway, I hope you are well,
but I remain glad
that you are very far away
and hope that remains true
for many years to come
even if I don’t always remember it.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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