To The Fictional Construct I Just Devoted my Last Poem to Dissing

I’m real sorry about all the yelling.
It wasn’t what I meant to do.
I am trying to both a more peaceful person
and a less delusional one.
The fact that I just spent so much time and effort
hollering at a product of my imagination
is not a good sign
and, rest assured,
something I’ll be sure to bring up with my therapist
at the next opportunity.

My therapist has really been on me
about holding my temper
and letting the little things go
– he actually said “don’t sweat the small stuff” once
but I laughed maniacally for the rest of the session
so he doesn’t use that phrase anymore.
Anyway, I shouldn’t have yelled.
I should have kept calm.

You don’t deserve my rage
and I’ll be a happier person
if I can just maintain my equanimity
in the face of whatever conflict comes my way.
I mean, if you can believe it,
I don’t even remember what I was so sore about
in that last poem.

Yeah, that was it.
In another minute
I may have something else
to apologize for.

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