The Long Run

You get it, right?
I had to find some way
for us to begin.
I had to deceive
or we could never have been delivered.

The lie was worth it
wasn’t it?
I told you a compelling story
and it got me in the door
and we had a lot of fun
and a lot of drinks
and a lot of talk of diets
that, turns out,
we lied about, too.
It worked out,
didn’t it?

And sure,
I stretched the truth
at a couple of vital intersections.
I was never a lawyer per se
or had an income to speak of
but I got you to live life
in a variety of interesting ways
didn’t I?
Remember the soccer field at night
with the circles?

So it’s not so bad.
You weren’t tricked
so much as massaged
into understanding certain parts of my past
and not others.
It’s all worked out so far
and it may even work
in the long run
if you can just keep quiet
til after we reach the border.

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