You said you liked to dance
but I sensed the anxiety.
I got that you weren’t ready
though I was so excited
to experience you in action.

I get that you’re scared
or unprepared
but I’m ready and raring to go.
And I’m not worried about your fears
or dysfunctions
or difficulties in general.
All I care about
right now
is if you’re at last
ready to dance.
I hope you dance.

When you dance like you do,
fever-filled and furious,
it shocks me back into life
and supplements my spirit.
I know how it will be,
never having see astep.
I am serious.
I am ready for you

though if you’re afraid,
if your anxious
we can simply stay in the back
and dance alone
just we two.
Any way that’s all right with you:
let’s dance.

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