Doctor’s Ofice

You are waiting for the doctor
you are wondering how your health is
you’re concerned about your leg pains.
You are hoping you’re all right.

And the staff is rushing ’round you
seeking to help other patients.
Line’s not getting any shorter.
No one’s tending to your plight.

You’ve had thoughts about your aging
with your hormones long past raging
you imagine health wars waging.
All the nurses are polite.

Still, you’re no closer to an answer.
Is this a muscle strain or cancer?
Will your daughter see you dance her
after vows on wedding night?

You hope that you’ll survive this
living past this minor crisis.
Treasure future days of true bliss
away from staff all dressed in white

one of whom has called you nearer,
asking questions that make clearer
she suspects what’s wrong. You fear her.
Her reactions give you fright.

She gestures, "Come inside,"
where you swear you won’t reside.
You gulp. You stand. You stride.
You go in, spoiling for fight.

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