Most Improved

I can do better.
Just give me a chance
one single opportunity
and I can improve my performance
one hundred percent.
One hundred and three!

I get it:
you’re used to more experience,
greater competence
but take it from this cat,
the first cut is the easiest
– well, the sleaziest maybe, but –
look i can do better!

I don’t know what happened
for sure.
I know I froze.
I know I wasn’t up to the task
and my denial of that simple fact
made everything all the worse.
I know I cursed too much,
failed to use a softer touch.
I know it was rough
and I’m ashamed
and embarrassed and
it was a bad job all around, I know it
but I also know
deep down
in an area that I can’t fully explain
that I want to do better.
I can do better.
I will do better.

The question, really,
is whether you’ll let me do better here
or if I’m gonna have to start from scratch
somewhere else.
You’d think you’d want to reap the rewards
after suffering my less-than-stellar efforts until now.
So it’s your choice.
You tell me
if I get the chance
to beat my last score.
I can get an award for Most Improved
(Hell, I better).

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