Merry Easter (War Is)

So this is Easter
and where have you been
with your Zero World problems
and living in sin?
And this Is Easter
so what have you got?
Bad will for all men
and world peace that’s been shot.

But at least here at Easter
we can still see the moon
before bomb dust has settled
and we’re all dead too soon.

Well, Easter’s upon us (war is coming)
and the strong and the weak (if you want it)
and the poor and the wealthy (If you fight it,)
shall turn no more cheeks (war’s still coming).
So let Easter be merry (War is coming)
for we won’t have too long (if you want it).
Return fire’s coming (If you don’t, then)
and the end of all songs (war’s still coming).

So celebrate Easter
and let’s not place blame
for if Christ could get risen
maybe we’ll do the same.

War is coming,
less you fight it
but if you fight it
a war’s still coming.

War is coming
with three other horsemen
but at least at the end
we’ll all be real thin.

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