The Painter

I get that you might hate me.
I can’t say I blame you
but I can’t help
but think you should be thanking me, too.
I’m giving you story value, see.

How often have you heard
“Once upon a time
nothing happened.
The end”?
I’m saving you from that.
I am the something
that propels the story forward.

Someone’s got to do it.
I’m not a photographer;
I don’t paint with light.
I paint with pain,
with adversity,
with the contrast
between what you hope for
and what you hate.

I’m helping you
to find a life more appreciated
one well worth living.
And at the end of it
when you look back on your misadventures
and all the things you regret,
I may be high on that list
but even in those last days
you’ll still be thinking of me.

So you’re welcome
for helping to structure your life
into one worth retelling.

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