Take a Breath, Chachi

I just looked up this dick
from my junior high school
who once stole my homemade lunch
and then complained about the quality.
He wasn’t a bully or anything
just a little dick
and I wanted to make sure
that his life didn’t amount to anything
which would be appropriate karma
for that lunch thing.

But it looks like he turned out to be
a very major player
as a modern model citizen
who’s gotten involved
in positive PR projects
and is even seeking to influence my parents’ neighborhood
for the greater good.

Evidence points to this guy
having grown out of his childhood assholery
an into a pretty cool dude
which makes me…
I don’t know.
I’m glad, I guess?
That it worked out for the best?

I won’t share his name.
I can’t out him for the hero he is
because he dissed my leftovers back in the day
I’d really been looking forward
to that lunch.

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