I Love Them

I speak for the mute.
I dance for the crippled.
I sing for the tone-deaf.
a community I am all too familiar with.
I stink for the noseless,
I kill for the peaceful
and jam for those without the ability
to organize a group
with which to improvise.

I work for others
in all ways at all times.
Am I selfless?
Yes, maybe: for the selfish
and I’m heroic for cowards.
I do math for the unaccountable
and I read to the elderly
because I’m a pretty cool guy
– for the modest!

What am I getting at?
Am I everything everyone should ever be,
righting society’s wrongs
with my own wicked wit
and strong right arm
or left
or maybe my particularly toned calves?
Who can say?

Probably me
because I speak for the voiceless
or the mute
or whatever I said previously
(I never said I did a damned thing
for Alzheimer’s victims).

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