Pow! Right

Well, I can’t do it now,
can I?
I know I’m not good with the signals
and I’m slow to move
and I’m something of a tentative coward
but really
if I just do what you say
because you say so
what does that make me
but, I guess,
a stupid slow tentative coward?
What was I saying?
I may have lost the thread here.

OK, here it is:
If I first kiss you
just because you commanded me to,
not only does that kill the romance of the moment,
but it sets the precedent
of me only acting in service to you
and while I am very enthusiastic
to service you,
I don’t want you to see me
simply as your servant.

If we are gonna have any legs
or arms or fingers or toes
I need to be able to take some initiative
so even if I missed the organic opportunity
to lay one on you,
I still need to strive
to find a way
to get up the nerve
to give you some tongue.

I have to do it on my own terms
even though I’m really aching to
and you’ve given me the go-ahead and
I should now?
All right, already!

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