Sorry, sorry.
I don’t seem to have the concentration
for this
Maybe I lack the focus
for any day
I no longer have any concentration left
at all.

Maybe I have lost,
in these years of tweets
and Twinkies
and twats on display
in most every way,
maybe I hid my concentration somewhere
but without concentration
I don’t have the means
to dig it up again.
What was I talking about?

I used to play this game
with cards
where I needed to uncover
where the same numbers
or face cards were.
It required a certain amount of memorization
and after a while
I got quite good at it.
You remember the game?
It had a name
that I can’t seem to recall.
Damn, if I only had my
my what?
Oh. Of course.

sorry I’m being so spazzy.
It’s just been a long day
and week
and month.
No, I can’t really tell you with what.
I’m trying to put my finger on
why everything seems so difficult,
but it’s just so hard.
Why do you ask?

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