Trying to Get By

It’s getting to be the time
when I should maybe admit I have a problem
and then possibly get some help
dealing with it.

It’s just that, sometimes
I get nervous
and I need a little help
from some friends
to get by.
It leaves me
out of sorts
and doing things
I wouldn’t normally do.

So while I don’t necessarily remember
all the things I might have done
that could have offended you
I offer a partial list
of potential apologies
while I’m pondering options.

I shouldn’t have made you
climb down that mountaintop
in the dark.
I can’t believe I forgot you came with me.

When I came by the other day
and your mom said you couldn’t come out to play
and I asked if she could play with me instead
and maybe my balls?
I’m sorry for that, too.

That bong I made you in Ceramics?
Probably shouldn’t have etched on the front “Bong.”
That was a dead giveaway.

I’m trying to clean up my act
and drop a couple of the friends
I’ve picked up along the way.
Maybe you can help me
in the process of making some new ones?

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