Moon River

You ever look at the river?
I mean really look at the river?
I hadn’t
or I don’t think I had
before tonight.
It shimmers so.
It looks… wise.

It’s funny
isn’t it
how one night
through just the right set of circumstances
you can see everything
so differently?

if I hadn’t stopped by tonight
out of the blue
enjoying a dozen of your delectable edibles
then accepted your sweet offer to lie here
by the water
I’d never have come to this revelation.
It’s made me reevaluate everything

like how you CAN step in the same river twice
if you just
take a breath
and recognize your prior visit.
Simply address the river
and it shall know you
and all will be well.

Or how “Moon River,”
the song?
doesn’t need a Hepburn to sing it
to be poignant.
Anyone can sing it
and it’ll be just as sweet.

Also, Alphonso Ribeiro
probably wasn’t born by the river
in a little tent
and River Phoenix probably would be alive today
if he had the name Samuel Stone.
River’s a funny word
isn’t it?
Rii VER…

Oh, this is a lake?
My bad.

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