Elephant in the Bedroom

When I awoke
I was no longer in the jungle
outpacing the pachyderms
pounding along my way.
I was, nonetheless,
out of breath
from my efforts to escape
those magnificent monsters
chasing me up and down
the causeways of the forest.

It had been hard running
through kaleidoscopic eyes
all staring as I passed them by.
Their lasers were light
and hurt not at all
but the sweat pooling at my back,
was that from the heat
of their glares
or the height of my scares?

What made Jonny run
through this vision of elephantine night?
What left me thinking of such things
until I screamed at morning’s light?
What sort of sails
brought me to all these elephants only white?
And how do I stop these curious dreams;
just kill them dead and end my plight?

I could sleep at a better hour.
I could stop reading about the GOP.
I could have one less half cooked burrito
before bed.
Yeah, I should probably be able to survive
on just the three.

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