Do Not

I’m so glad to hear that you’re not dying
but I will not lend you
any more of my donuts
because at some time in the future
you MAY be dying
and I cannot take the risk
that my donut loans
will go unpaid.

How I ever became
your regular source for donuts
is beyond me
as I tend to only buy enough for my needs,
prodigious as they may be.

I have no interest in being your donut dealer, either.
I do not wish to enter
into a regular donut sales relationship with you.
These are my donuts
and I no longer choose to share.

Now I’m sorry that you’re jonesing for my supply
but if you want a donut so much, why
won’t you go to the store and offer to buy?
Is there a compelling reason that I
must ensure that the flow doesn’t go dry?

It’s sweet that you think that I “buy them better.”
That’s nice.
That almost makes me want to –
Get your own
unless you’d gladly give me three
for one donut today.

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