His room-mates found him
probably days after.
He was in his room
but they were used to him
being MIA for longer than that.
It was the smell
that finally tipped them off.

The funeral was well attended.
He had many a friend
all too happy to help send him off
in fine style.
He had had smiles for everyone
when he was around
and now in his absence
those smiles he’d given had been turned around.

His family had been in touch
but not aware of the sort of things
he’d gotten into
these last few years.
They were pleased that he had been so popular
but wished that more attendants
had come in suits
(they wished their son was alive, too,
but that seemed harder to imagine).

After the services
was a party or sorts
where everyone drank
and smoked
and swallowed food
and pills, presenting pain
to one another.

It was a shame
he was gone.
There won’t be another like him
for some time.

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