Last Night’s Actions

Forgive me
for not sweeping up
the cups you broke
when you stumbled in
quiet as a moose
well past midnight.
I left it for you
to deal with today.
While you clean
let us speak
about what happened last night.

I was too tired to talk yesterday
and it didn’t seem to make much sense
to yell at you
for possibly waking the neighbors
but you were obviously on something
and it clearly impacted your behavior.

I don’t want to judge
but you’re making it so hard not to
as you shatter gifts made for me
years ago by appreciative campers.
I don’t want to scream at you
but damn! Your behavior
can be so immature.

Why would you do such dangerous substances
outside of the house
where anything can happen to you?
How could you be so rude
and irresponsible
on a school night?
Where did you find such expensive drugs to take
and how expensive were they
and why won’t you share?

Keep sweeping
and gimme whatever you’ve got left.

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