Ye Three

Oh my god.
Looking at you three
it is impossible to tell
which of you’s the hot one
and which of you’s the dog.

There’s always one, right?
It’s impossible
for all the ladies in your posse
to be equally pretty.
What are the odds
that the gods rated you three
so perfectly?

So by the sour look on your face,
I’m beginning to assess
your position in the crew.
But who of you two
takes the pole position?
Who here is Number One?

Let’s see: the one who walked away
has an excellent sashay
but is that enough to compensate
for her refusing to play?

I’d say it is.
With only one girl left in front of me
it makes it easy to congratulate you
on beating out the other two
to be the hottest in your crew.
With that in mind,
what can we do?
Is there a chance that –
Oh. We’re through.

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