Your Body Is A

I’ve seen you from a distance
and I’ve seen you closer up
and I can say with great assurance
on your nectar I would sup.

I’d love to take some time with you
but unfriendly are the fates.
You’ve made it hard to get to you
and enjoy your many traits.

I would wait in line for days
for just a chance with you.
Pay a fine or drop a dime
are other things I’d do.

Your body is a roller coaster
I hope very much to ride.
You’re an A ticket haunted house
I want to get inside.

I hate how on the weekends
you’re surrounded by those kids
who restrict my chance to reach the top
and exercise our ids.

Perhaps a day will come (and soon!)
I’ll get to pay the price
to experience you leisurely.
God! That would be nice.

Until that day I’ll fantasize
about some future time
when we’ll reach peaks together
on that crazy uphill climb.

Your body is exquisite
with curves and twists and turns
and I can’t wait to thrill with it.
Your love I’d love to earn.

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