Eat It

No, this is important.
You have to take some responsibility
for what you selected.
If you ordered it
you gotta finish it.
Despite your fullish attitude
you gotta eat that food, dude.

You know there are people starving in China, right?
Or at least Chinatown.
There are certainly people starving for good china
but I don’t think you can do anything about that.
you can help show solidarity
for those starving yellow youth in Asia
by cleaning off your plate.
Eat the food, dude.

I know it’s all cold
– because you stopped eating it.
This would have been a done deal
long ago
had you only opted to lick the platter clean.
It’s not too late, though.
Get to it. Do it.
Eat the food, dude.

We can keep at this
indefinitely, until the plate collects mold
collects dust.
The food can become dust
and even the plate can atrophy
along with the atomic structure
of the universe.
All things end eventually
and that includes this food/dude impasse.
Any time now
you’ll succumb
finish your meal
and we can go about our lives.

Eat the food.

THAT’S all it took?

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