After Hours

I just want to be left alone
why can no one understand that?
If they just leave me be
this will all be over
so much quicker.

I was pretty upset
when I stormed up here
locking myself away
from all those annoying folk
at this annoying party.
Now, while my cooler head’s prevailed,
I’m stuck with that rabid pack of gossips
right outside the door.

I want to go home
away from Jacob
and Zoe and all the rest
of these smalltown idiots.

There’s got to be a way
to escape this crappy situation
and those awful little judges
with dignity intact.
Jump out window?
Climb to the roof?
Can I pretend I was kidnapped
or hypnotized?
How do I avoid
all the glares upstairs
when opening the door?

If I keep the door closed
this night might last

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