The Radio Man

The radio host said
“A woman could have solved cancer 200 years ago,
but her family told her to go back
into the kitchen
and cook and clean.
So we still have cancer.”

The radio host is clever
but he’s just scratched the surface
of the story.
I call conspiracy.
I suspect there has been
for hundreds of years
a consortium of women scientists
secretly doing technology
– only evil technology.

I’ll bet it was a woman
that invented cancer
and gave it to us
because she’d been forced
to stay in the kitchen.

All the evils of the world
were created
by the supra genius women
resentful of their lot in life.
They could have cured all ills
but instead created more:
AIDS. Spam. War.
Reality TV.

They are insidious
this evil science corps
of beautiful buxom women
but I am onto them
and will uncover their dark schemes
so long as I can convince them
to let me.
And then
that radio host
will get the story of his life.

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