Top of Your Tongue

Yeah, you lost it.
The idea that
for just a moment
seemed like the solution to everything
a cure for blandness
a recipe for love.

You were on to something
just on the top of your tongue
at the corner of your mind
a little bit out of arm’s length.
It was so close
and now it’s withered.
It’s been wiped.

You try to retrace the steps
physical and psychological
to return to the great idea
but it’s of no use.
You can come to nothing
and the thing,
the thing which could have
been the ticket out
the resolution
the French Connection
(assuming that applies;
you never saw the film)
the final solution
it’s gone
probably forever.

Maybe eventually
a better thought will come along
and you’ll stop wondering
about this missed avenue.
Perhaps someday
this loss will no longer bother you.
Now there’s an idea.

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