Everything’s OK.

She is locked in the upstairs bathroom
because she’s had too much to drink
and she saw her boyfriend flirting with Zoe
and they have something of a history
and she feels kind of bloated
which might have something
to do with what she had to drink
even though it was just the two sangrias
but she’s kind of a lightweight
and the crowd outside the bathroom
is growing.

Her boyfriend’s there
and her best friend
and two of the co-hosts
and even Zoe is bunched up
against the bathroom door
trying to convince her that everything’s OK.

I too
want to tell her everything’s OK
that this too shall pass
that the days get better
and these friends and lovers and associates
are there for her
and nothing’s as bad as it seems.

I want to counsel her
that she has nothing to worry about
that she is beautiful
without histrionics and alcohol
and that she should load up on water
to avoid a headache
and that she might as well
since she’s in the bathroom anyway.

I want to help
to hold
to encourage and involve myself
but I find an empty bottle to piss in
and then go back
to hitting on Zoe’s visiting cousin
who’s already had like six sangrias.

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