Just so you know
Zoe was not hitting on anybody.
She’s just a friendly girl
and she and Jacob have a history
so she has every right
to touch his arm
and ask him if he’s really happy

but April always gets so touchy
when anyone comes near
any of her toys.
It was like that when they were kids
in her backyard, too,
when they would read Archie comic books.
If Zoe turned the pages
in the wrong way
April would take the comics
up to her room
and the nanny would ask Zoe
if she perhaps didn’t mind
going home a tad early.

They were too old for comic books now
and they were too old for these games
but here April was
stuck upstairs
sucking up attention
making sure that Jacob knew
who owned the books
and who needed to beg permission
to be allowed to open them.

Zoe’s sick of it, sure,
and wishes April would just grow up
as she remains locked out
scratching at the door
asking her oldest friend
if everything is OK.

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