You keep talking about the same things
over and over
time after time
because you’re stuck.
You cannot envision another thing
to speak about
so you repeat yourself
and you bore everyone
not that it’s necessarily a bad thing
but definitely
it’s something you should look into.

You’re wearing grooves into your brain, though,
simply circling the same stories
every damned day.
You’re probably missing some obvious logic leaps
in this way,
strategies out of your circuitous mind paths.
Again, it’s not so unique what you’re doing
but if you could stop it
if you could fixate on something new,
you’d probably be better off.

Obviously, you do you
just as you have all this time
but be aware,
there’s something else for you to try
and really, in your redundancy,
can you afford to avoid any way
that might rectify the situation?

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