Please Sleaze Me

Nah, it’s nothing.
It’s just that, well,
the candy bar
I got you,
it was like four dollars.
Things in this theater ain’t cheap.
Your "thank you" was nice and all
but I was hoping
for some more concrete appreciation
a quid pro quo
some sweetness for the sweets.
Some sweet relief.

You’re getting what I’m saying
I’d like
if you’re amenable
to four dollars of trade
in return.
Wink trade.
Dirty trade.

not for nothing
but I lent you a couple of bucks
for the ticket to the show
which makes the tally, like,
seven dollars.
whenever you’re ready
if you’re willing to provide me
seven dollars of erotic gratification,
I’d be thankful
– very much so.

Well, yeah;
you did pay for the cab
and lunch
and you helped me out
last time my salary didn’t come through,
so… what?
I owe you five hundred?

You can take it out
in sexy trade with me.
Where do I start?

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