Total Recall

(because of Danny)
Well, great.
That little fact
you provided about classical theatre
just invalidated one of my older poems,
already published in a collection
back in an earlier decade.

I am going to have to go around
to all the people
who bought a copy
– and the many more
to whom I gave one
to pay back a loan –
and go to page forty seven
and cross out the offending lines
or perhaps tear out the page
or better:
place a sticker
with a new poem
with improved lines
replacing the soon-to-be excised material.

While I’m at it
there may be some other updates
to include in that old volume.
The sexual politics of
"Do Your Momma Like a Two-Bit Whore"
could maybe use some freshening up
and there’s a typo on page seventy one
(alabaster to Al’s a bastard)
that always bothered me.

This could be a really good thing:
digging into the old texts
and updating them
for the new millennium.
This isn’t gonna be so bad
after all.
Thanks a lot, Danny.
That’s not how you spell theatre?
Fuck you, Danny.

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