All the Kryptonite

Shit, it used to be easier,
didn’t it, Bucky?
You used to be able
to get down in the dirt
and get it done
in no time flat
but now, it seems,
it’s all so much harder.

When did it change, Bucky?
When did you become
what you are now
from what you used to be?
How did the concentration slip
the bones creak
the aches increase
and drive just disappear?
When did you magically transform
from the young vibrant man
of yesterweek into

Perhaps there’s wisdom
in what you’ve become.
Perhaps you have new strengths
or an end to old weaknesses.
Denny O’Neil once
removed all the Kryptonite on the earth
so Supes could fly undiminished.
Maybe that’s what has happened here
except you still seem weak.
You sound limited
in an increased series of ways
like an important part of you
has been cut away.

I wish I could fix this for you, man,
but I’m just a writer.
What could I do
to make your lot easier?

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