All right; you might not realize all of it
so I’m gonna break it down for you:
if you sleep with other people
in our home
you are considering breaking up.

If you take footage of other people
naked in our bed,
and try to hide the shots from me
exceedingly poorly,
you are choosing to threaten the relationship.

If you opt not to go
to your many lovers’ places
even if their parents might not approve,
then you are totally ready
to sabotage our lives together.

I can see not wanting to be with me anymore.
I have given you a thousand reasons to find another
and probably provide more
most every day.
But that’s not what you say.

You claim to want to be with me
to desire to stay together
so why are you acting
so fucking stupid?
You should be smarter than this.
You are looking for some sort of escape.
You are clearly
seeking a break from all you’ve known

What you’ve done
is unforgivable
yet somehow I get it.
I kind of understand, even.
You must have really wanted out

so now you are.

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