Danny’s Gramma

(After Harmontown)
Danny’s gramma is pretty cool.
Danny’s gramma killed a guy
but it was a while ago;
he’d probably be dead by now anyway.
Danny’s gramma had her throat cut
but still fought the guy off.
After, she called 911,
got impatient
and trudged over to the hospital
in the snow
to get her throat checked out.

When she didn’t like the doctor’s sutures
Danny’s gramma grabbed them out of his hands,
took the thread
and finished it up herself
stomping out of the hospital
to chagrined looks from all the staff
to head back home
– this time without her shoes.

That’s a different time
from when she killed the guy.

Danny’s gramma did all that
while she was already Danny’s gramma.
When she was in her 80s
and up.

Danny’s gramma is pretty chill
pretty hardass
and makes really great banana nut cookies.

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