A Couple of Folks

You were the It Couple
the center of attention in your little scene
the eye of the storm.
You two were the rage
everyone wanted to get all up into.
Y’all were important
for about a minute.

You were Johnny and June
Jen and Brad
or Jen and Ben
or Ben and Jen foreva,
and frankly,
everybody wanted to be you
or be with you.

Where’d it go?
What happened?
Did you fail to live up
to all the expectations
or did you not care at all about what we thought?
Were you even a couple at all
or were you just good copy?

Did your love break down
because you were just a couple of kids
too mixed up for your time,
or were you two simply too pure for the world,
too glorious and precious to survive
down in the mud with the rest of us?

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