He Heads Out

Yes, and there may come a day
when you may walk down a lonely road
thumb out
hoping for answers in this country
as you define just who you might be.
You may see beautiful houses
next to shotgun shacks
with large automobiles
displacing rocks and stones.
You may hope for a ride
far more than you seek your destination.

As you’re off by the tall grass
seeking America in far-off factories
past neighbors’ lights,
the highway might breathe before you.
The land seems full of opportunities
with people just waiting to talk to you.
You will learn much from this America,
not all of it pleasant.

For in time
in your travels
you may discover roadblocks
and secret grave sites
near sounds of gunfire.
You may see ghettoes and schools
where wartime is all the time.
It may be rough
but you must continue walking
heading toward whatever truth
you may find
around you and within you.

This is your quest.
This is your country.
This is your life.

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