NASA Half-Assed

Take the stupid solace that you can
that it could be worse
that the suffering will end
that there may well be
some better world to head to
after this one
– even without NASA’s half-assed help.

Swallow the insipid bromides
of peace and love and joy and faith
and believe
that soon enough
everything will work out for the best.
Accept what fucking panacea is offered
and get some use from it
for the time being, at least,

Find some relief
if you can
from the fact
that this is the human experience
that we all share
and that
as alone and miserable as you feel
it is one of the core things
that conjoins you
with the rest of us,
that your current suffering
makes you more a member
of the shared community.

It’s all bullshit, sure,
but maybe
it’ll get you through the night.

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