Curious Pictures

I may not know dick
but I do know
just a little about him.
Dick Shawn, late comedian,
is no relation to Wallace Shawn,
who starred in the inconceivably big hit
My Dinner With Andre.
Dick Shawn is also nothing akin to Robert Preston
from Music Man and Victor Victoria,
directed by Blake Edwards,
who was married to Julie Andrews.
Dick Shawn, too,
is unrelated to Sean Connery,
retired star
of one of the oldest series you’ve ever seen.

Dick Shawn was the guy
who died
in the middle of a performance
and he did it so seamlessly
that the audience laughed for five minutes
before someone thought to check the vitals
on the corpse.
Those were 1987 minutes,
by the way,
so you know they counted for something.
1987 is the year I started college.
No relation.

The world is full of unrelated information
but an investigative mind
with a thorough imagination
can use a little data
to tie conspiracy strings together
and come up with curious pictures indeed
– even if that mind
doesn’t really know dick.

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