Mrs. Hanratty in Bio

I still can’t decide
if I did the right thing
by cutting class
when I realized
before entering the room
Mrs. Hanratty
was subbing in Biology
and spun around
and on my way.

Missus H is awful and incompetent
and I wasn’t gonna learn anything in that class
but she might know how to take attendance
and I’ll have an absence on my record.

On the other hand
it’s a free period.
On the third hand
Susanna’s in that class
and I could’ve talked to her
all through the period.
On hand the fourth, though,
there might have been some stupid assignment
that I’d have to do.
On the fifth hand: that assignment might earn extra credit,
which I could’ve used.
On the sixth: pranks.
Weren’t we supposed to study insects today?

Damnit. I’m not at all sure
if I chose poorly or not.
It’s too late
for me to go back
(Fourth Period is almost over)
but I can’t tell at all
if I made the right choice
or the left one.

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