Travel Times

I’ve been biking.
I’ve been practicing.
I’ve been exercising
to improve my capacity and experience
and to leave me better able to play
if you ever invite me out
for a ride.

I let you know
sometime back
how much I’d enjoy the chance to sweat with you
and I assume
you’re simply waiting for the perfect time
to take me up on it
to arrive at my door
straddling your bike
and asking I’m ready to go.

I’m getting better every day
working muscles
and extending the length of time
I can stay in the saddle.
It’s getting longer
I swear.

you’ll ask me to travel with you
and oh,
the places we will go!
The mind reels
but I won’t
when I dismount.
I’ll be worthy of you soon.

All this stationary biking
I’ve done as practice
is really increasing my endurance,
which is good for other things, too

(with it,
I am far better prepared to take
and and all
of your repeated rejections).

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