The Form

Know my body.
Learn the things
that have made me. This
is where the sweat pools first
and this
is where the sweat pools last.
That freckle looks like a pierced ear
and those freckles over there
resemble the constellation Cassiopeia.

My smile is a rare thing
because I do not like my teeth
and my gums bleed occasionally
where I sometimes bite them.

My right leg shakes
when I’m nervous or excited
and my whole body shakes
when I first see you
after time apart.

My hair line
is not without faults.
My body hair
is not without gray.
My stretch marks
are not visible
but only because skin in my family
is conveniently elastic.

There are pocks and warts
that I don’t like to talk about
but are obvious
under special circumstances
– some of which we’ve already experienced
though some are still to come.
can be found
on occasion, as well.

There is much of my form to know
little of it worthwhile,
in my opinion.
I hope
after enough research
you can prove me wrong.

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