Some Apologies #0005

When you came up to visit me
at school that first year
and I heard that some girl I liked
had a boyfriend that I knew
but didn’t know about,
if you know what I mean,
and I had to go to my room
and close the door
and turn on that sad song
and put it on repeat
and listen to it like ten times in a row,
I’m sorry, Danny,
that were in the room
and had to witness that.

You came all the way up
to my college town
at your own expense
and I was so mired in my own misery,
suckling at sorrow’s teat,
I couldn’t be the host
that you deserved.
I just drank and sighed
and left you to fend for yourself
which you probably made the most of
but still
I’m sorry I didn’t serve you better
that time, Dan.
You came up to visit me a lot
and I should have been more generous

You really did come up to visit a lot
and you spent a great deal of time
in my home
during those earlier high school years.
I should have been more appreciative
of all you offered me.
You were there when my back went out
and when my heart got torched
and you even did what you could
to untorch my heart
from time to time.
I don’t know
if I was ever able to reciprocate.

I can see why you were done with me
when you were, Daniel,
and I’m sorry for my part
in our falling out.
You were a good friend
and I’m sure
I didn’t tell you enough
and having to listen to "Muskrat Love" ten times
was in retrospect
probably ten times too much.

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